Fit for the Future Local Government Reforms

The NSW State Government commissioned a review by the Independent Review Panel in October 2013 to look at ways to strengthen the effectiveness of local government in NSW and, in September 2014, it was recommended that Gilgandra either become a rural council in a Joint Organisation of Councils or merge with Coonamble Shire Council as part of the “Fit for the Future” reforms.

Mayor, Doug Batten has previously announced that Gilgandra Shire Council had resolved to put forward a submission to continue as a stand-alone “Rural Council” and not to support any amalgamation with Coonamble Shire.  Mayor Batten went on to explain some of the reasoning behind Council’s decision:

“In making this decision, Councillors took into account the significant long term strategic and financial planning undertaken over the past four years to ensure Gilgandra Shire Council’s long term financial sustainability and ability to continue to deliver the services expected of it by the local community. We were also very mindful of retaining the unique local identity and social fabric of our community.”

Councils that prepare a sound proposal showing they have the appropriate scale and capacity and have developed a plan to improve their performance, will be considered as “Fit for the Future”.

Council is currently circulating a community information brochure which further explains the “Fit for the Future” process and residents are encouraged to read the brochure.  Councillors will be at the Gilgandra Show and would be happy to discuss the process with any residents.  Mayor Batten also encouraged residents to read the document and provide feedback.

“Council is encouraging residents to provide any comments or feedback on the “Fit for the Future” proposal in written format by Friday, 29 May 2015 so that their comments can be discussed prior to finalising and lodging the submission.”

Download a copy of our Community information brochure (PDF) 513kb


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General Manager
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