Thriving Environment

Community Outcomes

  • A community active in the preservation of its cultural, heritage and natural assets.
  • A community that has minimised the environmental impacts of waste and maximised waste resource recovery rates.
  • A community awareness of climate change that strives to reduce its ecological footprint.


Council's Environmental Services Division is responsible for the following functions:

1. Waste Management

2. Town Planning, Development and Building Control

3. Regulatory Functions

4. Ranger Services

5. Heritage Services

as well as the maintenance of all Council's building assets.


Pesticide Use

Programmed pesticide use: Nil

Download a copy of Council's Pesticide Use Notification Plan.


Fruit Fly Control

Control of fruit fly is a very topical issue.  For details on fruit fly control, the following links are provided:

NSW Trade & Investment Policy - Management of Fruit Flies in NSW

Fruit Fly and the Home Garden - Advice for Gardeners in Australia