Case Studies

Kelburn Grove

Kelburn Grove grows olives, primarily for the Australian Olive Oil market.  They have been in operation for the past five years and it is family owned and operated by Merv and Shirley Braithwaite and Steve and Debbie King.  The property is located at the foothills of the Warrumbungle Mountains on the Newell Highway.

Kelburn Grove has three varieties of olives and they are harvested, by hand, once a year for a period of 2 months.They supply their olives to Viva Olives, who collects the ½ tonne crates of olives from the mail box of Kelburn Grove.  The olives must be picked, driven to Queensland and crushed for oil within a 48 hour time frame.  The location of the property on the Newell Highway makes this possible.

Kelburn Grove has enjoyed much success in their short period of operation. They have received a bronze medal at the Australasian Championships in their category and they are getting excellent oil content out of the olives.   The small, but very effective, team followed the advice of the experts when establishing the grove and it is now paying off.

Currently 6 family members pick 9-10 tonnes of olives from daylight to dark for 6 – 8 weeks of the year.  They are now investigating the latest innovations in automatic harvesting equipment to make their businesses even more efficient.

The location at the foothills of the Warrumbungles is ideal for olives (and grapes), which has helped Kelburn Grove, and the location on the Newell Highway enables them to meet the transport demands of the industry.

Gilgandra Poultry

Gilgandra Poultry is an independent grower and producer of chickens.  They supply chickens to restaurants, supermarkets and butchers throughout the Central West region.  This includes Bourke to Mudgee and Lightning Ridge to Cobar.  One third of the production is directed into the Gilgandra market.

Gilgandra is an ideal location for the operation as freight is crucial.  The chickens need to be moved from the factory to the shop front in less than 24 hours to maximum shelf life.  This gives Gilgandra Poultry a competitive advantage over Sydney producers.  Being located in the centre of the grain belt also provides a reduction in input costs, in relation to freighting feed to the area.

Gilgandra Poultry process 2400 chickens a week and have 100% sell out each week, they cannot meet market demands.  They employ 13 people, 9 of which are part time.  The staff comes from Gilgandra, Dubbo and Gulargambone. Gilgandra Poultry has been operating for 17 years and is family owned and operated.

McReaddie's Nursery

McReaddie's Nursery is a wholesale nursery that grows for the large wholesale nurseries in Sydney.  The trees are grown to a semi-advanced stage in Gilgandra and than transported to Sydney and sold as mature plants.  McReaddie's are also specialists in the collection of Eucalyptus seed, genetic and provenance collections are made.  A significant number of plants are supplied to mining companies to re-vegetate mining sites.

McReaddie's Nursery exported their seeds and trees around the world until 4 years ago when the State Forests they used for seed collection where closed by the Government.  This unfortunately prevented them from exporting.

Gilgandra provides a central location for McReaddie's Nursery.  Seed collection takes them all over the East Coast, and Gilgandra provides an ideal base.  The climate also enables them to dry seed and the local loam soils means their plants are of a very high standard.

 McReaddie's Nursery has been operating in Gilgandra since the 1950's and is a family owned and operated business.

Tooraweenah Prime Lamb Marketing Co-operative

The Tooraweenah Prime Lamb Marketing Cooperative administers the sale of the member’s lamb.  They do this by liaising with members and processors for forward contracting.  They arrange assessing of the lambs, transportation and all administration associated with the sale.

The Tooraweenah Prime Lamb Marketing Co-op is located in Bridge Street Gilgandra and consists of 70 members.  Members are located between Coonabarabran, Condobolin, Dubbo and Nyngan, covering a significant area of the Central West.

The Tooraweenah Prime Lamb Marketing Co-operative began 7 years ago, in Tooraweenah.  The concept began by a core of stud ram breeders and buyers wanting a more secure system.  For the first three years a farmer operated the cooperative from his home.  Due to its success a Business Manager was employed for three years.  The Cooperative is now back in the hands of one of the original members.  Due to the very reasonable purchase and operating costs in Gilgandra the group has been able to establish a shop front the centre of town. Gilgandra provides an ideal location, as it is central to the members.