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Location – situated at the junction of three major highways, the Newell, Castlereagh and Oxley and halfway between Melbourne and Brisbane.
Location – proximity to Dubbo, a major regional centre that offers a wide range of specialist services with the added bonus of Gilgandra being able to offer much lower purchase and operational costs.
Location– railway links from Gilgandra to other regions within the State. Gilgandra is where the heavy gauge rail from Melbourne finishes.

Industrial Property

Arthursleigh Lane
Located 6km west of Gilgandra off the Warren Road, Arthursleigh Lane offers land for lease for heavy industrial developments. There are 100 acres in total with 70 acres currently available for lease. The ability to have upgraded power, level land and water supply makes it an ideal area for industry development.

Industrial Estate
There is abundant privately owned industrial and commercial land available in Gilgandra. Council actively investigates suitable land and will assist in negotiations with owners when appropriate to assist developer/s in their endeavors. Gilgandra’s industrial estate is located on the Warren Road, offering fully serviced industrial sites. All sites in this development are currently utilised.

Gilgandra Shire Council Assistance
For the development of new industry or the expansion of existing businesses Gilgandra Shire Council offers the assistance of staff to make the process as simple as possible.


Road Links
Gilgandra is located at the junction of the Newell, Castlereagh and Oxley Highways providing reliable access to Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney. The high quality roads provide lower operating costs and improved travel and transport times.

Freight and passenger transport
There are numerous transport services, including Finemores, Brown, Sorensen and Blair Adams' Transport, transporting a range of goods. Many other companies pass through on a regular schedule, offering reliable access to the major markets.
A daily Countrylink bus service connects Gilgandra to Dubbo. From Dubbo there are regular daily flights to Sydney and return. The Countrylink XPT also runs daily between Sydney and Dubbo.

Rail links
The heavy rail gauge, that enables trains to travel at a reasonably fast pace, extends from Melbourne to Gilgandra. From here the exceptional road transport links enable goods to be transported economically throughout Eastern Australia.

Water supply and climate
Gilgandra enjoys a constant supply of water. Although the Castlereagh River is sub-artesian and levels appear low for much of the year, the water supply below the surface is plentiful. The annual rainfall is 562mm with the wettest months being in summer. Gilgandra has a temperate climate, with an average summer temperature of 33oC and an average winter temperature of 16oC.

Labour Force

The largest industry sector in Gilgandra is agriculture employing over 600 people. A nett employment increase of over 65 jobs is projected for the Gilgandra region, with employment growth to occur particularly in retail employment, clerical, sales and service and production (WRI Orana Region and Employment Analysis 2000).

Gilgandra has a relatively high capacity to train labour in the government, health and community services industry and a medium-high capacity to train labour for trades people and related occupations (WRI Orana Region and Employment Analysis 2000).

There are 4,712 people living in Gilgandra Shire with 58% aged 15 to 64 years. There are 1,703 people employed (2001 ABS Census).

Retail Industry

Gilgandra offers shoppers a wide array of stores. Miller Street is a busy main street with something for everybody. The main street stores include:

Supermarkets, Banks, Fruit mart, Coffee shops and takeaways, Accountants, Furniture stores, Solicitors, Men's and women's fashion, Hotels, Electrical retailers, RTA, Newsagent, NRMA Office, Beautician, Hairdressers, Gift stores, Pharmacy, Target Country, Craft shop.

Outside the main street there are a number of other major businesses including new and used car dealership, rural traders and hardware stores and farm machinery traders offering a wide array of services, facilities and products to the residents and business people of the Shire.


Agriculture is the main industry in Gilgandra, employing over 600 people. Farming includes:

  • cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, rye and sorghum
  • oil seed crops including canola, safflower, sun flower and linseed
  • legume crops such as chick peas, field peas, faba beans, cow peas and lab lab.

Sheep have been grazed for wool production since 1830 and there are a significant number of cattle.

As well as the traditional there are a number of unique farming enterprises within the Gilgandra Shire. There is a native eucalypt plantation, emu, and poultry farms operating in the district. Recently agriculture has joined with tourism to create a unique tour offering people a hands on farming experience. Gilgandra Shire Council is a progressive Council and offers support to a wide variety of developments and new enterprises.

There are a number of services that support the agricultural industry including rural traders, machinery dealers, GrainCorp and Financial Advisory Services. Farming is the basis for Gilgandra’s economy and the town has a proud history as an agricultural service centre.

New Residents

Residential Land
 There are also privately owned fully serviced 1 and 5 acre residential blocks available.

Homes for Purchase or Lease
There are a variety of properties and homes for purchase or lease with three real estate agents located in town to assist you with your decision:

  • M.H. Thomas - (02) 68472489
  • Christie Hood & Cale - (02) 6847 2033
  • Gilgandra Real Estate - (02) 6847 0990

Coo-ee Lodge Retirement Village
The village consists of 46 one, two or three bedroom Self Care Villa Units and a 40 bed aged care facility. The Village is set in park like surroundings with lawns, rose gardens and many native trees and shrubs. For further details please contact the Manager during Office Hours 8:30am-5pm or by writing to:

The Manager
Coo-ee Lodge Retirement Village
Townsend Drive, Gilgandra NSW 2827
Telephone 6847 2855 Fax 6847 2854


Tourism is an important industry in Gilgandra primarily due to its location on the Newell, Oxley and Castlereagh Highways. There is ample accommodation at motels, hotels, caravan parks, pubstays, homestays, bed and breakfasts, farmstays and camping grounds.

Attractions include Coo-ee Heritage Centre, Rural Museum, Hitchen House Museum, Observatory, Warrumbungle National Park, Orana Cactus World, Speedway and Flora Reserve. The Gilgandra Visitor Centre offers a friendly service seven days a week, clean facilities and a free electric barbeque.

Gilgandra is located centrally offering day trips to a range of exciting attractions. The Western Plains Zoo is 45 minutes away at Dubbo, as is the Old Dubbo Gaol and Dundullimal Homestead. There are also the Macquarie Marshes, Mudgee Wineries, Lightning Ridge Opal Fields and much more. Gilgandra offers a convenient, economical base from which to explore this exciting region.

Gilgandra can conveniently and professionally cater for conferences of up to 250 people at the newly renovated Gilgandra Services Club, fully functional Gilgandra Shire Hall and the Gilgandra Golf and Bowling Clubs. More unique facilities can be arranged for specialist groups, including the century old Berida Woolshed and Coo-ee Heritage Centre. Council offers support when arranging conferences, as do the conference venue managers.

Investment Opportunities

The Gilgandra Shire offers extremely attractive investment opportunities. There is an abundance of fully serviced industrial and residential land available for development in Gilgandra and surrounds. This land has the advantage of being extremely well priced in comparison with larger centres. Gilgandra location at the junction of the three major highways provides industry with good access to a regional network of suppliers and support industries. Gilgandra boasts a reliable and stable workforce, offering many skills particularly in the areas of trade and agriculture. A good supply of general labour is available to meet the needs of establishing business.