Agriculture is the main industry in Gilgandra, employing over 600 people. Farming includes;

  • Cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, rye and sorghum
  • Oil seed crops including canola, safflower, sun flower and linseed
  • Legume crops such as chick peas, field peas, faba beans, cow peas and lab lab
  • Small mixed farming including olive groves, native flower production and others.

Sheep have been grazed for wool production since 1830 and there is a significant number of cattle.

As well as the traditional, there are a number of unique farming enterprises within the Gilgandra Shire. There is a native eucalypt plantation, emu and poultry farms operating in the district. Recently agriculture has joined with tourism to create a unique tour offering people a hands on farming experience. Gilgandra Shire Council is a progressive Council and offers support to a wide variety of developments and new enterprises.

 There are a number of services that support the agricultural industry including rural traders, machinery dealers, Graincorp and Financial Advisory Services. Farming is the basis for Gilgandra’s economy and the town has a proud history as an agricultural service centre.

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